This is an initiative of to help the user to identify the regulatory impact of 1000+ business decisions, compliances to be undertaken and risks associated with such business decisions.

Our system have a predefined list of business decisions which triggers compliances based on the location and type of business.







2000+ Corporate Actions Defined

1100+ Acts and Regulations

74200+ Compliances detailed

11100+ Forms

53700+ updates documents

Library of laws legislations and acts

Central and State laws




Identify the applicable statutes and compliance obligations.

Identify the compliances around business decisions;

Refined Compliance search based on type of business and locations;

Evaluate the regulatory risk, if any, associated with a business decision;

Details of compliances with exemptions;

Evaluate the kinds of penalties;

Identify and download the necessary forms to be filled.

Analyse the exemptions in such prospective laws.

Updated information on changes in law, forms, website, penal provisions etc.


Additional benefits

Enable to advice on 1100+ acts and regulations;

Increase the area of practice ;

Promote observance of statutory regulations in a workplace.

Enables holistic decision making;

Identify regulatory impact of corporate actions and avoid penalties.

Shield organization from Regulatory risk;

Reduces the risk of litigation and prosecution;

Prepares the company for raising equity funding;

Reduces risk of Customer/Investor Due diligence failures due to regulatory non-compliances

Improves the skill set of team.







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Disclaimer : This is an effort by to contribute towards improving compliance management regime. User is advised not to construe this service as legal opinion and is advisable to take a view of subject experts.
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